40-Hour Healthy Ergonomics

For those of you with jobs that require 40 hours per week of sitting, your body may feel the pain in various places. The forearm may feel a shooting pain from too many mouse clicks, the lower back feels stress from a poor task chair, and the legs ache unable to find a comfortable position. It takes extra work to sit properly (on top of your already never ending list of to-dos). So what do you do? Do you write on little pink post-it notes to remind yourself to sit up straight? Is that good enough? You may tell yourself to make an effort to concentrate on healthy ergonomics, but towards the end of the workday, your eyes are five inches from the monitor and your back is slouched.

What WILL work for sustainable and healthy ergonomic habits? Try these 3 suggestions this week and see if these 40- work hours are different from the last.

  1. Position the center of your monitor at eye level. Whether you purchase a sleek monitor arm or you pile books under your monitor stand, just be sure your set-up prevents you from looking down or up towards your monitor.
  2. Adjust your task chair correctly.  The tension you set for your task chair should allow your back to be reclined slightly. Adjust the height of your chair to allow your feet to touch the ground comfortably– the bottoms of your feet shouldn’t feel pressure from your legs.
  3. Type and click with your forearms parallel to the ground. A keyboard tray attached to the bottom of your desk will to allow your elbows to align with your wrists properly.

By challenging yourself to make these 3 minor adjustments, you can avoid pain and common work injuries.  If you would like additional tips or products suggestions, visit our website www.officeworldworkplace.com or email us at info@officeworld.com.